Classic Nintendo music as dub reggae instrumentals, “Dubtendo”, a project of mix engineer Matt Weiss (Akon) and multi-instrumentalist Joe Lowery.

After contributing to Mega Ran’s Black Materia: The Remake, Matt teamed up with Dj Cutman to play an instrumental album of his own. Matt joined Joe to create a dub reggae instrumental album of their favorite classic video game tracks.

You’ll hear dub and reggae spins on Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country, Castlevania IV, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and Adventures of Lolo. Including works from composers Koji Kondo, David Wise, Nobuo Uematsu and more, “Dubtendo” packs classic game nostalgia with a reggae twist.

Catch all the poke-vibes in “Broiled Magikarp”, a fresh spin on the main theme from Pokemon Red/Blue. Embark on an adventure in “Melodica of Time”, The Legend of Zelda’s overworld theme soaked in the summer sun – 

Dubtendo’s second single is “Melodica of Time“, the iconic melody from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time reimagined as a Bob Marley backing track.


  1. Dubtendo (“Ground Theme” from Mario Bros 3)
  2. Dubby Kong (“Kongo Jungle” from Donkey Kong Country)
  3. Dracula Killer Riddim (“Theme of Simon” from Castlevania IV)
  4. Brinstar Boogie (“Brinstar” from Metroid)
  5. Broiled Magikarp (“Main Theme” from Pokemon Red/Blue)
  6. Kakariko Vacation (“Kakariko Village” from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
  7. Chocobo Getdown (“Chocobo Theme” from Final Fantasy III)
  8. Green Chill Zone (“Green Hill Zone” from Sonic the Hedgehog)
  9. Funky Fireman (“Fire Man” from Mega Man I)
  10. King Lolo (“Lolo Main Theme” from Adventures of Lolo)
  11. Melodica of Time (“Main Theme” from The Legend of Zelda)
  12. Shy Guy Mai Tai (“Athletic Theme” from Super Mario Bros 2)
  13. Dragoon Badman Dub (“Battle” from Final Fantasy III)
  14. Koopa Kove (“Super Mario Bros Title Theme” from Super Mario Brothers)


Produced by Dubtendo
Artwork by Andrew Loder
Mastering by Dj CUTMAN
Composed by Koji Kondo
Originally from Legend of Zelda

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