From a powerhouse team comes an electrified remix of Hikaru Utada’s iconic “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts! ?️

Duzzled, Dj Cutman, and QORA are familiar names at GameChops. Duzzled produces dubstep and electro EDM, and this summer released DYNAMAXED, a full-length Pokémon album. Dj Cutman is the founder and mix engineer for GameChops, and QORA is best known for her lofi beats as Coffee Date.

“Simple and Clean” was originally written and produced by Japanese superstar Hikaru Utada to promote the release of Kingdom Hearts back in 2002. Now 20 years later, the song remains a classic and stands amongst the most beloved video game vocal themes. 

With crisp and modern electro-house production, Duzzled begins the remix of “Simple and Clean” as an homage to the PlanitB version featured in the opening cinematic of Kingdom Hearts. QORA delivers a powerful and emotional vocal performance, while Dj Cutman meticulously mixed and mastered the track.

Produces by Dj Cutman & Duzzled
Vocals by QORA
Mastered by Dj Cutman
Artwork by Evelyn Rose

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