Triple Triad marks Mykah’s third release with GameChops. Originally signing his contribution to The Triforce of Bass, Mykah went on produce the hard-hitting Kirby’s Bassface EP. Triple Triad is Mykah’s first full-length remix album, and the breadth of his EDM experience and love of game music shines brighter than ever.

Triple Triad takes inspiration from three classic games in the Final Fantasy series, VI, VII, and VIII. To many, these games were an introduction into the series. To others, these games serve as a fond memory of when story, mood and music took precedent over graphics, hardware and spectacle.

Triple Triad contains a multitude of genres and styles to fit any electronic appetite; styles range from latin dancehall to drum ‘n bass to house and dubstep. Mykah shows his versatility as a producer, while the compositions of Mr. Uematsu are proven, yet again, to be powerful in any context.

1. Prelude 04:11
2. Awakening 03:54
3. Chocobos 04:35
4. Force Your Way 04:12
5. The Landing 04:42
6. J.E.N.O.V.A. 05:15
7. Fighting 05:56
8. The Man with the Machine Gun 04:52
9. Triple Triad 04:13
10. Kefka 05:22
11. Fanfare 03:18
12. Celes 03:19

Album Credits
All tracks Produced by Mykah
Based on the compositions by Nobuo Uematsu
Mastered by Chris Davidson

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