Duzzled is back with his own spicy electro-house mix of the infamous track that’s taken the internet by storm – “Camel by Camel”! 

Duzzled has become a beloved artist on the GameChops roster with several singles under his belt, as well as the release of his Pokemon tribute album DYNAMAXED. The story behind his newest remix, “Camel by Camel”, has wild origins – the last time the original track, by Croatian singer Sandy Marton, had seen such popularity was in 1985. But for the first time in 36 years, the song has enjoyed a massive rise in traction thanks to its feature in a viral video, which also stars the fan-favorite character Ankha from the Animal Crossing series.

Note to parents and kids: The source video features adult content and is considered by us to be ‘not safe for work’ (NSFW). Please take care if you choose to research the source meme!

Produced by
Artwork by Pen_and_Pink
Mastering by Dj CUTMAN

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