Chilltendo 2

Chilltendo 2 is a lofi love letter to classic Nintendo video game music.

Jokabi proves that talent runs in the family — together with his brother Mikel, the producer of GameChops’ Billboard-charting Zelda & Chill series, they’ve created a legacy of chill beats that has forever changed the lofi hip hop game music music scene.

Lost Girl – Coffee Date

With heartfelt strings, gentle beats, and a whole lot of atmosphere, Coffee Date takes on Deltarune Chapter 2 with her remix of “Lost Girl”. 🦌 

“Lost Girl” is the theme associated with Deltarune’s good-natured yet shy character Noelle, who takes a place in the spotlight in Chapter 2. And though Deltarune’s second chapter was only released in September of 2021, creator and composer Toby Fox shared the track on social media exactly two years before its launch. Coffee Date’s orchestral-influenced style — being a composer and violinist herself — naturally lends itself to the original’s melancholy melodies and emotional movements.

Attack of the Killer Queen – Helynt ft. Dj Cutman

First up from Helynt’s Deltarune Vibes EP is “Attack of the Killer Queen”! Loaded with ambience and lofi vibes, Helynt adapts this fierce melody into a chilled-out, rainy day-type beat.

From the long-anticipated Chapter 2 of Deltarune, “Attack of the Killer Queen” is a super-collaboration between Undertale creator Toby Fox, acclaimed “Celeste” composer Lena Raine, and Marcy Nabors. Helynt’s cooled-down remix of this high-energy battle theme also marks the first track from his forthcoming Deltarune remix EP, “Deltarune Vibes”, dropping on October 29th.

Sweden – Akosmo

Shimmering with light grooves and orchestration, Akosmo builds an ethereal soundscape in their chill-out remix of “Sweden” from Minecraft.

“Sweden” – originally composed by German producer C418 – is something of a modern classic, hailing from the best-selling game of all time: Minecraft. Akosmo breathes new life into this simple yet beautiful piece: soul-soothing beats embellished with bells, winds, and strings befitting a fairytale.

Dark World – Tee Lopes

Journey into the Dark World with Tee Lopes.
Dark World is a soft yet soulful cover from the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Tee brings his signature jazzy piano riffs, gentle percussion, and smooth arrangement skills to this fan favorite melody.

Samus & Chill

If Metroid’s soundtrack was lofi hip-hop

Samus & Chill is a tribute to the music of Metroid, Nintendo’s beloved sci-fi video game series. Producer Tune in with Chewie transforms the dark, atmospheric Metroid soundtrack into laid-back lofi hip hop, featuring soft piano chords, smooth vintage synths, and expressive guitar. Samus & Chill is a carefully crafted homage to the music of Metroid.