“Lower Brinstar” from Metroid gets a lofi hip-hop reimagining with chilled piano and smooth grooves. 🪐 This is the first single on our forthcoming album, “Samus & Chill”

Tune in With Chewie – real name Nestor Estrada – is a composer and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Though the music of the Metroid series is known for its otherworldly and haunting melodies, Chewie takes on a decidedly more relaxed and uplifting approach to Super Metroid’s “Lower Brinstar”. Featuring vintage-styled synths, soft pianos, and a chillhop beat – this is the perfect soundtrack, whether you’re exploring alien worlds or just chilling out on a rainy day.

Chewie’s full album, Samus & Chill, releases on October 1st!

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Album Credits
Produced by Tune In With Chewie
Album Artwork by Ashley M (Onsta)
Album Design by Jack Grimes
Mastered by Dj CUTMAN

Tracklist for ‘Samus & Chill’

Side A: 19:53
1. Theme of Samus 03:42
2. Lower Brinstar 03:04
3. Crashed Ship 03:19
4. Samus Appears 02:59
5. Brinstar 03:15
6. Crateria Surface 03:31
Side B: 19:47
7. Metroid Prime 03:21
8. SkyTown 03:21
9. Sector 1 03:04
10. Ridley 03:10
11. Magmoor Caverns 03:50
12. Corruption 02:59

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