Cosmo Canyon

Chiptune Meets Future-Bass, a Final Fantasy remix by Dj CUTMAN and Grimecraft

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Cosmo Canyon

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Cosmo Canyon, a remix of the famous track from Final Fantasy VII, brings together Dj CUTMAN’s articulate Chiptunes with earth-shattering bass synths from Grimecraft. Originally started over three years ago on Cutman’s trip to Germany, Grimecraft got ahold of the chiptune recording and began re-working it to suit his live show. After weeks of mixing back and forth, this single was born.

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1. Cosmo Canyon (Grimecraft X Cutman Remix) 3:09
2. Cosmo Canyon Gameboy B-Side 01:24

Album Credits
Produced by Dj CUTMAN and Grimecraft
Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu

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