GameChops, the video game remix label

GameChops is the record label for video game remixes. We are a group of passionate musicians and game players who’ve grown up along-side video games.


GameChops-Knockout-BcGame Music, Leveled Up!

GameChops produces professional level remixes of the music from our favorite video games. All of our remix albums and singles are licensed through our partners at Loudr.fm. Buying music from GameChops supports the remixers, game publishers, and original composers.


Streaming or Creating Content?

All GameChops remix albums and singles are sold with a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use our remixes in your streams, youtube videos, podcasts or other projects. Buy a GameChops album on Loudr.fm or other online music store and it’s yours to use, as long as you credit the remixer and provide a link back to GameChops. Questions? Contact Us.


Get GameChops Music

Download GameChops music on LoudriTunes, and other online retailers.
Stream our catalog on the GameChops YouTube Channel and Spotify.



What’s Loudr.fm?

Loudr.fm is an incredible new platform for musicians who create cover songs, like our game remixes. In the past, acquiring mechanical licenses was a expensive and time consuming process. Loudr has revolutionized this by providing a distribution platform with built-in licensing. When you buy a one of our songs on Loudr.fm, the money gets automatically split up between the remixers and the rights-holders (usually, the game company like Nintendo or Capcom.) By selling music on their own website Loudr.fm, they are able to take a significantly smaller fee than iTunes, giving us more resources to make great music. If you’re looking for the best way to support GameChops, we recommend buying on Loudr.


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Demo Submission

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Send us an email – GameChopsMusic [at] gmail.com

Credits & Copyright

All albums that display the GameChops logo and are available for purchase on Loudr.fmiTunes or other online retailer have acquired mechanical license for any composition used. GameChops music includes a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to use any music you purchase in YouTube videos, streaming, podcasts, films or other projects as long as the remixer is properly credited and a link is provided back to GameChops. You are not permitted to re-sell or host GameChops music files for download. If you remix a GameChops track, let us know on Twitter.

Game Spirites featured on this site were found on Spriters Resource and were ripped by Kakashi, Badbatman3 and lord Yaksha. Game images are copyright their respective owners. Website designed and maintained by Chris Davidson. GameChops and the GameChops logo are trademarks of GameChops, LLC.