Our New Horizons

A brand-new album from Helynt, “Our New Horizons” is a lofi snapshot of Animal Crossing. Nine tracks with warm synths and chill beats, and welling with cozy, nostalgic aesthetic.

Stardew & Chill

Startup the next single from Coffee Date & Dj Cutman’s forthcoming Stardew & Chill: “Load Game”, a lofi beat with sparkling keys and starry synth lines. 🌟

Sea Shanty 3

JJD sets sail with an infectious happy hardcore remix of Sea Shanty 2 from old school Runescape! ⛵ From one of the most beloved and nostalgic MMORPGs, RuneScape, JJD remixes Ian Taylor’s llively Sea Shanty 2 melody as a high-tempo EDM anthem.