Zelda Funk

Get ready for a funky adventure of legendary proportions in Zelda Funk! 16-bit hero Joshua Morse is back with seven tracks from The Legend of Zelda series, all arranged in his signature SNES-funk fusion fashion!

Blinding Lights (Sega Genesis Mix)

With sensational SEGA style and flashy FM synthesis, Pete Frogs hops into the spotlight in “Blinding Lights”! Pete reignites The Weeknd’s synthpop hit with sparkling Genesis-era sounds and samples as part of his new album “GENESIS JAMS 2” Pete Frogs is a bassist and music producer from France with an […]

Maple Treeway

Cruise into lush lofi vibes in “Maple Treeway”! Using guitar, piano, and warm textures, Coffee Date drives home the mid-’00s nostalgia with a cozy twist on Mario Kart Wii.

Bomberman Redial

Bomberman gets the lofi treatment in the latest from Snore Lax! The Philadelphia-based guitarist dials in the downtempo vibes with spacey ambiance and slick lofi hip-hop percussion in “Redial” from Bomberman Hero.

Pallet Town

Reminisce on adventures in the world of Pokémon with “Pallet Town”! Super Lofi 64 gives a heartwarming performance with gentle piano and nostalgia-tinged beats in their take on the theme from Pokémon Red & Blue.