James Landino – Flash Man

An Electro House remix of Mega Man 2 by James Landino! The origins of this track date back to 1988, when Capcom first released Mega Man 2 on the NES. This track is a remix is Flash Man’s theme, and features video edited by Cutman Plays and FuNipz, with footage from Smash Bros, Mega Man cartoon, and gameplay from MegaMan 2!

Hopes & Dreams

Hopes & Dreams is a remix album dedicated to Undertale by Arcien, a music producer from Denmark. Hopes & Dreams sets out to adapt the setting and story of Undertale in a musical form. From the future house intro, “Once Upon a Time,” to the 80’s synthwave “Thunder Snails,” to the dark, drum and bass boss battle “Your Best Nightmare,” Arcien hits all the major plot points of the Undertale story. Thoughtful transitions make the album a joy to listen to, front to back.

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Holder – Victory Fanfare (ft. Ephixa)

Holder, who debuted on GameChops this February with Undertale Remixed, returns to the label with a friend.

Ephixa is best known for his Legend of Zelda mixtape Zelda Step, which has racked up over 50 million plays on YouTube, and was also featured in Dj CUTMAN’s 2011 DJ mix, The Legend of Dubstep.

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