Our New Horizons

A brand-new album from Helynt, “Our New Horizons” is a lofi snapshot of Animal Crossing. Nine tracks with warm synths and chill beats, and welling with cozy, nostalgic aesthetic.

Celebrating 11 years of GameChops!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of GameChops! From our earliest beats and chiptune singles, to our newest lofi albums, our mission has remained the same: to spread the love of videogame music. Thank you for your continued support — it’s because of you that we’re able to keep doing what […]


Thanks for supporting GameChops! These are the fine folks who are working hard behind the scenes for you! Dj Cutman Founder and Final Boss at GameChops Dj Cutman, aka Chris Davidson is the founder of Gamechops, for over a decade he has worked tirelessly to bring VGM music to the […]

Tifa’s Theme

Evelyn Rose Rivera is a composer and songwriter with a love for video games and their music. Tifa’s Theme is an acoustic lo-fi remix of hit game Final Fantasy VII. Grab some coffee and cozy up with these magical Final Fantasy vibes!

Ocean Waves

Dj Cutman breathes new life into producer-vocalist QORA’s new single “Ocean Waves”. Cutman’s meticulous production coupled with QORA’s intimate songwriting and vocals makes for a dream-team effort on this emotional lofi pop track.

Cindy’s Album Art

Cindy designed countless album covers over the years and worked with dozens of artists. You may not have known her name, but you’ve surely seen her work. Most famously, she designed the signage for the cover of Zelda & Chill.