Stardew & Chill

From Coffee Date and Dj CUTMAN, Stardew & Chill is the lofi reimagining of indie hit Stardew Valley: beats to farm, mine, fish, and relax to.

“Stardew & Chill” is a 15-track lo-fi hip hop tribute to the music of indie videogame phenomenon Stardew Valley. Lofi beats to farm and make friends to.

Simple & Clean

From a powerhouse team comes an electrified remix of Hikaru Utada’s iconic “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts! ?️

Duzzled, Dj Cutman, and QORA are familiar names at GameChops. Duzzled produces dubstep and electro EDM, and this summer released DYNAMAXED, a full-length Pokémon album. Dj Cutman is the founder and mix engineer for GameChops, and QORA is best known for her lofi beats as Coffee Date.

Big Shot

Now’s your chance to [chill out]! Coffee Date dials down the intensity and deals out the lofi vibes in her take on BIG SHOT from Deltarune Chapter 2.

Hip Shop

“Hip Shop” is the theme of the titular shop featured in Toby Fox’s DELTARUNE, and like the rest of the soundtrack, is pure gold. Coffee Date and Curly’s take features warm sax lines, piano, and strings with a worn-out, nostalgic flair.

Lost Girl

With heartfelt strings, gentle beats, and a whole lot of atmosphere, Coffee Date takes on Deltarune Chapter 2 with her remix of “Lost Girl”. ? 

“Lost Girl” is the theme associated with Deltarune’s good-natured yet shy character Noelle, who takes a place in the spotlight in Chapter 2. And though Deltarune’s second chapter was only released in September of 2021, creator and composer Toby Fox shared the track on social media exactly two years before its launch. Coffee Date’s orchestral-influenced style — being a composer and violinist herself — naturally lends itself to the original’s melancholy melodies and emotional movements.