Volume V is available now!

Following up on his latest album of Originals free to stream, Dj CUTMAN has released his fifth volume of video game remixes, you can use it in your videos and streams!

In December 2017, DJ CUTMAN completed his podcast “This Week in Chiptune” with the 200th episode. In the months that followed, he returned to his roots. Having reacquired some of his favorite video game soundtracks that he had lost, he began making new chops of game music.


System Settings 2:23
Flight Club 1:41
Vibin’ in Littlewood (feat. BASHI BOIZU) 2:31
Snowdin (feat. Sprightly) 3:14
Village 2:15
Island Getaway (feat. FamilyJules) 2:09
Visiting an Old Friend 2:06
Lofi Hip Shop (feat. Smooth McGroove) 2:19
New Horizon (feat. GlitchxCity) 2:03
2 AM (feat. GlitchxCity) 2:29
Dearly Beloved 3:04
Aerith’s Theme (feat. Azodi) 2:15
Soul Healing (feat. Robert Davidson) 2:26
Neverwanna (feat. Nelward) 2:21
Chill Buster (feat. NyxTheShield) 2:27
Robin (feat. Bird Boy) 2:31
Evergreen (feat. Tokyo Elvis) 2:48
Flying Battery (feat. Amie Waters) 4:19
Raindrops (feat. Kevin Villecco) 2:08
Late Nite (feat. Noisepop) 2:41
Hau’oli City Nights (feat. GlitchxCity) (Extended) 4:45

Album Credits
Directed, Mastered & Album Design by Dj CUTMAN
Artwork by JetPackBraggin
Astrophotography by NASA

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