Rokko Chan – Extended Play

Eight exclusive mixes from the hit flash game Rokko Chan

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Rokko Chan – Extended Play


Rokko Chan: Extended Play is a collection of exclusive mixes from the Rokko Chan Soundtracks, a fan-made Megaman style Flash game and music project to benefit the recover efforts put forth by Peace Winds Japan. Organized by the staff of video game news source Nubuwo, Rokko Chan: Extended Play is a offered as a free download to fans of the game or the talented artists included herein. Featuring remixes by Dj CUTMAN, Spamtron, Rockman, FantomenK and more, this album is a unique collaborative effort that benefits a good cause. Download the album and Play the game for free.

1. Asagen – Opening 01:16
2. Bryface – Go! Go! Rokko Chan! 03:40
3. Dj CUTMAN – Forest Man (ft. Spamtron) 04:13
4. Derris-Kharlan – Dr. Mad 04:17
5. Pocket Groovey – Mad Machine 03:45
6. Tanikugu – Mad Boss 04:51
7. Rockman – Rolling Man 05:30
8. FantomenK – Jet Man 03:07

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