Blinding Lights (Sega Genesis Mix)

With sensational SEGA style and flashy FM synthesis, Pete Frogs hops into the spotlight in “Blinding Lights”! Pete reignites The Weeknd’s synthpop hit with sparkling Genesis-era sounds and samples as part of his new album “GENESIS JAMS 2” Pete Frogs is a bassist and music producer from France with an […]

Final Fantasy Legend – bLiNd

The Final Fantasy Legend EP is a three track collection of house, trance and drum and bass remixes of the 1989 gameboy game Final Fantasy Legend, featuring compositions by Nobuo Uematsu. Sometimes considered a blacksheep of the series, Final Fantasy Legend boasted powerful music utilizing the gameboy’s robust soundchip and stereo capabilities. bLiNd brings the harmonies and melodies of Mr. Uematsu’s music to the dancefloor with this EP. Both Final Fantasy and dance music fans will appreciate the emotive compositions and driving beats, complimented by polished, shimmery mixes.

NESteryears – bLiNd

bLiNd joins the GameChops roster with NESteryears, ten video game remixes from the Nintendo Entertainment System; Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, Castlevania and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few. The album includes a VIP mix of his summer single “Ghosts N’ Pills”.