bLiNd joins the GameChops roster with NESteryears, ten video game remixes from the Nintendo Entertainment System; Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, Castlevania and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few. The album includes a VIP mix of his summer single “Ghosts N’ Pills”.

NESteryears is a tribute to the games of old with bLiNd’s time-honed production skills, utilizing trance, dubstep, and electro influences to craft this artist’s first full-length remix album to date.

1. Mushroom Bounce (Super Mario Bros.) 04:20
2. Dirty Coins (Super Mario Bros.) 05:44
3. I Am Dracula (Castlevania) 04:39
4. El Ganon Diablo (The Legend of Zelda) 05:05
5. Killer Seaweed (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 06:00
6. For a Friend’s Soul (Final Fantasy) 06:04
7. Put Em Up (Punch-Out!!) 06:29
8. Skull King (MegaMan 2) 06:24
9. All Systems Go (Metroid) 05:45
10. Moonstyle (Ducktales) 03:35
11. Ghosts N’ Pills (VIP Mix) 06:28

Album Credits
All tracks produced and mastered by bLiNd
Executive produced by Chris Davidson

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