Kirby’s Bassface is a five track EP exploring music from the Kirby series in Mykah’s high energy, drum and bass style. Source material stems from the earlier games, themes from Kirby’s Dreamland for NES and Kirby’s Super Star for SNES make up the album. Originally composed by Jun Ishikawa for Nintendo, Mykah has made these tunes all his own.

This is the second release for UK-based video game remixer Mykah. His first was a 5 track bass-music tribute to Zelda as part of The Triforce of Bass.

1. Green Greens 04:50
2. Mecheye 04:17
3. Halfmoon 05:36
4. You Gained 100XP (Not that it Matters) 04:33
5. Showdown at Mount Dedede 05:13

Album Credits
Tracks and album art by Mykah
Mastered by Chris Davidson

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