Featured on Joystiq, Giant Bomb, Dustrctoid and more, WiiU Grooves is a free mixtape of beats and remixes from Nintendo’s Wii U video game console. Made in honor and respect for Nintendo and its engineers, from a lifelong fan.

WiiU Grooves is free to use for non-commercial purposes, including videos, podcasts, radio, etc. If you use a track, please include a link back to this page or djcutman.com so others can enjoy this music too.

1. Hot Tea & Firmware Updates 03:13
2. Gone Shoppin’ 02:55
3. Let’s All Go to Nintendo Land! 03:52
4. Remain Calm & Adjust Your Settings 03:44
5. There’s Plenty of Time 04:42
6. Ask Your Parents for Permission 03:22
7. How Attractive! 03:40
8. Bask in the Menu 03:02
9. Alone in the Miiverse 03:22

Album Credits
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Dj CUTMAN
Artwork by Tron Bonne

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