Spider Dance

Super Lofi 64 spins Undertale’s “Spider Dance” into a lofi groove! In their latest, the duo treats you to a delicate piano arrangement and laid-back beats.

Undertale Remix Medley – Voia

An epic Undertale Remix Medley by Voia, featuring the Undertale soundtrack songs in uplifting EDM. Undertale (Main Theme), His Theme, Temmie Village and Finale remixed into one song! The drop features a mash-up of Asgore, Spider Dance, and Core! See if you can pick them all out!

Undertale Remixed – Holder

Undertale Remixed is the first GameChops release by Holder, a producer who gained notoriety making comedy tracks under the name Major League Wobs. Looking to take his production to a higher level and break of the chains of his meme-addled past, Holder presents his first full-length album, a tribute to the hit indie game Undertale.