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OutRax is a tribute to the music of Sega’s classic arcade racer, OutRun!

Produced by RobKTA and friends, OutRax delivers the four classic songs from the original OutRun game, with two tracks from the sequels OutRunners and Turbo OutRun.

OutRax features remixes by RobKTA, Dj CUTMAN, James Landino, Kevin Villecco, Pixel8ter and halc, OutRax is a eclectic mix of music that’s perfect to drive to. OutRax is now available from iTunes.

1. OutRun Bay ft. James Landino (Passing Breeze, OutRun)
2. Bathtubs on the Fast Lane (Magical Sound Shower, OutRun)
3. Dusk Ride Innuendo ft. Dj CUTMAN (Last Wave, Outrun)
4. TestaRossa Connection ft. Kevin Villecco (Splash Wave, OutRun)
5. Roadside Adventurers ft. halc (Adventure, OutRunners)
6. RushRushRush ft. Pixel8ter (Rush A Difficulty, Turbo OutRun)

Album Credits
Artwork by Thor Thorvaldson
Graphic Design by Chris Davidson
Mastered by bLINd

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