Joshua Morse is one of the pioneers of video game remixing. Since the early 2000s, he’s been making music as part of OverClocked Remix, the community largely responsible for popularizing video game music as a casual listening genre.

Joshua’s signature 70s jazz style takes inspiration from beloved soundtracks of the Super Nintendo era, from Chrono Trigger to Secret of Mana to Super Metroid. “Plugged In” is out on streaming platforms today.

~ Tracklist ~
1 – Fairy Dust
2 – Lower Brinstar Vibes
3 – For a Nickel
4 – Fleeting Spirits
5 – Calling of Schala
6 – Masamune
7 – Ice Palace
 8 – Exploring the Coral Capers

~ Credits ~
Produced by Joshua Morse
Mastering by Dj Cutman
Album artwork by Matt Hacket
Based on Compositions by David Wise
Executive Producer Chris Davidson 

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Plugged In is copyright & published by GameChops, 2021
All compositions used with permission