Super Piano 64 bring rich jazz piano arrangements to the music of The Legend of Zelda in their eight-track album, Zelda & Piano: Ocarina of Time.

Nathaniel and Canaan Evans — two brothers who grew up playing music and video games together — are Super Piano 64. As heard in their Ocarina of Vibes album released as Super Lofi 64, Zelda & Piano: Ocarina of Time showcases the brothers’ arrangements as solo piano pieces. Zelda & Piano: Ocarina of Time marks the third album released under GameChops’ Unplugged branding, and features eight timeless melodies from the Nintendo 64’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Super Piano 64’s reinterpretations honor the work of original composer Koji Kondo, while introducing new twists and lush jazz flavors.

Ocarina of Time
Lost Woods
Kakariko Village
Zora’s Domain
Zelda’s Lullaby
Song of Storms
Forest Temple
Lon Lon Ranch

Produced by
Super Lofi 64
Composed by Koji Kondo
Mastered by Dj Cutman
Illustration by Evynn Alanna
Originally from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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