Poké & Sleep

Super Piano 64 and GameChops Unplugged present Poké & Sleep, a collection of soothing piano lullabies from the world of Pokémon. With 34 melodies from across all Pokémon generations, Poké & Sleep features something for every Pokémon fan to sleep, study, or relax to.


Super Lofi 64 creates an atmosphere of emotional melodies and subtle beats in “Zanarkand”. Featuring flowing keys and delicate details, the duo gives the Final Fantasy X theme a lofi twist.  


From the world of Dark Souls 2, Tune in with Chewie builds a sanctuary of lofi grooves and atmosphere in “Majula”. With melancholy ambiance, guitar, and basslines, “Majula” marks Chewie’s first single from his upcoming album Souls & Chill.

Hyrule Café

Hyrule Café is a 22-track Legend of Zelda remix collection brimming with cozy chill lofi goodness. It’s Coffee Date’s largest album ever, featuring acoustic lo-fi remixes from across the Zelda series, from Ocarina of Time to Tears of the Kingdom, Hyrule Café serves up something for every Zelda fan.