You asked and we delivered! GameChops teams up with RandomBeats to release the instrumentals for the Final Fantasy VII hip hop opera, Black Materia: The Remake!

Black Materia: The Remake takes listeners on a hip hop journey through Final Fantasy VII. The role playing game centers on a group of eco-terrorists fighting to bring down Shinra, an energy company that’s destroying the planet for profit. Black Materia: The Remake retells the video game’s acclaimed story through Ran’s unique lyrics and powerful performances, mixed with Final Fantasy VII-inspired instrumentals.


The Opening – The Versions
Cloud Strife – RoboRob ft. ConSoul
Insurgents – Lost Perception
Avalanche – Lost Perception ft. ConSoul
Absolute – RoboRob
Mako Reactor – RoboRob & Rifti Beats & Dj Cutman
Living Legacy – Rifti Beats
On That Day (Five Years Ago) – DN3
Aerith – DN3
Red XIII – Rifti
Sleep Mode – Kazu Beatz
Cait Sith – Lost Perception
Cid – RoboRob
Ninja Girl – Dn3
Birth of a God – Lost Perception
Judgment Day – Lost Perceptio
Jenova – RoboRob
Sephiroth – Lost Perception
Nibelheim Incident – K-Murdock
Cries of the Planet – K-Murdock & Amanda Lepre
Lifestream – Rifti & PianoDreams
Lifestream Piano Mix – 88bit


Beats by Lost Perception, RoboRob, DN3, Rifti Beats, KazuBEATZ,
K-Murdock, & The Versions

Drums & Horns by Danny Flam
Piano by Rob “88bit” Kovacs
Piano by PianoDreams
Guitar by Amanda Lepre

Based on compositions by Nobuo Uematsu
Inspired by Square Enix & Final Fantasy VII

Album artwork by Daniel Hill

Executive Producers Raheem Jarbo & Chris Davidson

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