Fantasy Grooves, the follow-up to Dj CUTMAN’s Wii U Grooves, takes inspiration from the 3DS game Fantasy Life.

These tracks are a tribute to the game, it’s world, and the music of Nobou Uematsu. The production focuses on laid-back, hip-hop style beats and finely tuned mixes.

Fantasy Grooves was completed over the course of ten months and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dj CUTMAN.

1. Moonlight Over Grassy Plains 03:27
2. Turtle Island 04:13
3. Take in the Scenery 03:20
4. The Heart of Battle 03:06
5. Bliss Trap 03:00
6. Cruisin’ On My Camel 04:10
7. The Sultan Gets Low 02:50
8. Atop a Snowy Summit 04:41
9. Theme of Hope 04:02

Produced by Dj CUTMAN
Artwork by Tiny Neenja
Logo by Squarepainter

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