Contained within are seven beats produced by Sammus and mastered by Dj CUTMAN. Originally part of the the album Nocturnal Cantata with Mega Ran, Dj CUTMAN remixed these instrumentals to give them an energy usually reserved for EDM.

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A note from Dj CUTMAN:
The concept of Nerdcore Instrumentals is a way for me as an audio engineer to give back to the Nerdcore community. I’ve always loved hiphop music. I thought it would be a cool experiment to use some of the mastering techniques I usually reserve for dance music on hiphop instrumentals. I think the results are powerful. Use these beats as freestyle tools, mix into a DJ set, or just kick back and enjoy. Much praise to Sammus for originally making these beats and giving me the opportunity to go mad scientist on them >B]

1. Sins of the Father (Instrumental Mix) 03:08
2. Young Girl (Instrumental Mix) 04:52
3. Chasing Fate (Instrumental Mix) 03:56
4. Sweet Sorrow (Instrumental Mix) 04:08
5. Richter (Instrumental Mix) 02:53
6. Interlude II (Instrumental Mix) 03:36
7. 100 Years (Instrumental Mix) 03:28

Album Credits
Original Productions by Sammus
Re-Mastered by Dj CUTMAN

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