Splatunes 2 is a free compilation of remixes of Nintendo’s amazing Splatoon series. Included are tracks from Splatoons 2, the Octo Expansion, and the original Splatoon game. The features 20 Splatoon remixes, from new material to exclusive remasters from producers like CG5, RobKTA, Tokyo Elvis, Ralfington and yours truly. If you’re a squid or a kid (or an octoling) Splatunes 2 will be full of tracks you can enjoy and download for free!

All songs clear for streaming on Twitch, just give credit to GameChops or show the title on-screen.

Splatunes 2 is available worldwide on Bandcamp.

1. VGR – Into The Light
2. Cement City – Ebb and Flow
3. Hylen – Ultra Color Pulse
4. Tudd – Ebb and Flow
5. DJ CUTMAN – 8-Ball (Test Failed)
6. Mykah – Low Tide
7. Player2 – Squid Sisters
8. CG5 – Ika Jamaica
9. DJ CUTMAN – Off The Hook
10. Tokyo Elvis – Octo Epilogue
11. NoteBlock – 8-Ball (Test Passed)
12. Ralfington – Tidal Rush (LoFi Remix)
13. CG5 – Girl From Inkopolis 02:43
14. Ralfington – Octo Step
15. RobKTA – Hooked Up
16. Tudd – Acid Hues
17. VGR – Off The Hook
18. Qumu – Color Pulse (LoFi Remix)

Album Credits
Directed & Mastered by Dj CUTMAN
Artwork & Logo Design by Tron Bonne
Produced by the artists on GameChops

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