Samus & Piano

Tune in with Chewie’s Samus & Piano album is an emotive journey into the Metroid universe that features fifteen haunting piano performances of music from the beloved series.

Tune in with Chewie returns to Unplugged, with “SR388 Underground,” a mellow piano tribute to one of the most haunting and otherworldly themes from Metroid. https://vgm.fm/sr388

Beats of Rage

Composer and engineer Andrew One chills out with “Beats of Rage”: a 12-track hip hop tribute to SEGA’s beloved beat-’em-up Streest of Rage. With synthy grooves and clean beats, “Beats of Rage” features many fan-favorite tracks from the Streets of Rage series.

Chip Funk

Remix veteran Joshua Morse returns to GameChops with CHIP FUNK, a grooving tribute to some of the most timeless videogame tunes of the ’90s.

Joshua Morse is a composer and software engineer known for fusing chiptune and jazz music for remixes and original songs. Chip Funk reimagines seven nostalgic favorites from the SNES, Nintendo 64, Playstation, and Sega Genesis eras by blending 16-bit sounds with jazz rhythms and reharmonizations, lo-fi sound design, and plenty of funky basslines. 

Kakariko Village (Unplugged)

The brothers behind Ocarina of Vibes return as Super Piano 64 with an acoustic arrangement of “Kakariko Village.” The duo reimagines the town’s theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with soothing piano riffs and cozy jazz vibes.