Club Kong – halc

Club Kong brings together a powerhouse team of talent from the video game music scene. The album is produced by Drew Wheeler, also known as halc. Halc is best known for his work with OverClocked Remix, contributing to thirteen albums since 2007. He is also the founder of 9-bit Records, a label that combines 8-bit sounds and modern electronic production. Club Kong is Halc’s second album with GameChops, and includes an introduction by popular youtube comedian brentalfloss.

Hydrocity – halc

Composer, remixer and Overclocked Remix judge halc
joins us for an album unlike anything else we’ve heard before. Hydrocity is an album inspired by the soundscape of Sonic the Hedgehog. Halc writes:

“Inspired by such visionary producers as Joshua Morse, P Villa, and Savant, this album has everything from chiptune-influenced electro and dubstep to ambient beats, FM funk and jazz fusion, delightfully blended and compiled into a 40-minute package. The album also features an arrangement of the ever-popular ‘Hydrocity Zone’ music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and guest appearances by fellow OC ReMix legends Level 99 and WillRock.


OutRax is a tribute to the music of Sega’s classic arcade racer, OutRun! Produced by RobKTA and friends, OutRax delivers the four classic songs from the original OutRun game, with two tracks from the sequels OutRunners and Turbo OutRun.

World 1-2

World 1-2 is an album that features renowned game composers alongside the remixers that pay them tribute. It features original music by grammy-nominated Austin Wintory (Journey), Manami Matsumae (MegaMan), and celebrated remixers Stemage and Danimal Cannon (Metroid Metal), among many more.