A re-imagination of the Mega Man soundtrack in a dazzling display of music production. From classic house, to retro chiptune, to futuristic bass music, Boss Beats pays tribute to some of the most memorable music from Capcom’s classic series.

The tracklist includes compositions from Mega Man 2, 9, 10 and X6, originally composed by Takashi Tateishi, Manami Matsumae, Naoto Tanaka and Yu Shimoda.

1. Time Stopper (Flash Man) 03:55
2. Robot Stunt Club (Nitro Man) 04:05
3. ABCDE 12345 (Password Screen) 05:50
4. Lead Poisoning (Bubble Man) 05:05
5. Fiber Clone (Infinity Mijinion) 07:38
6. The Inventor (Dr. Wily) 06:22
7. We’re The Robots (Wily Stage 2) 07:22

Album Credits
Produced, arranged and mixed by Jack Vanoudenaren
Lead Poisoning features additional mixing by Dj Cutman
Illustration by Arryn Mosley
Album design by Kevin Villecco
Mastered by Chris Davidson

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