K.K. Cruisin – Hyper Potions

We’re on a roll with Animal Crossing remixes, and this week we have a delightful remix of K.K. Cruisin’ from Hyper Potions! Best known for writing the theme song for Sonic Mania and opening credits for the Sonic Movie, the doggy duo Hyper Potions turns their tongues to Animal Crossing for this iconic remix of pupper musician K.K. Slider!

Friends – Hyper Potions

A dream come true, a GameChops song is in the new Sonic the Hedgehog game! Here is Hyper Potion’s new future bass song “Friends” used by Sega for the animated intro for Sonic Mania! Kevin and Ian from Hyper Potions did an amazing job on this song, Dj CUTMAN did wonderful mastering and visuals, and all of you have supported us for the past five years to get us to this point. We thank you all!

Mania – Skye Rocket (feat. Hyper Potions)

Singer songwriter Skye Rocket brings us MANIA, the Sonic Mania vocal theme song and incredible pop punk take based on Hyper Potions’ original song “Time Trials”! Originally created as a fan song, Skye Rocket met with Dj CUTMAN at the TooManyGames convention this summer and the two collaborated with Hyper Potions to create a remastered and official version of Mania!

On the Wings of Dreams (NiGHTS Into Dreams Remix) – DM DOKURO

We’ve got a new track from DM DOKORO, ‘On The Wings of Dreams’ is a remix of the classic Sega game NiGHTS Into Dreams.

Nights into Dreams, considered by many to be one of the best Sega Saturn game of all time is an action video game Sega Saturn released in 1996. Now, DM Dokoro has Produced this remix of ‘On The Wings of Dreams’, mixed by Kevin Villecco of Hyper Potions, and mastered by VGM legend bLiNd! Download the track on iTunes, or stream on Spotify.

Spindash 3

Spindash 3 is here ~ Twenty new Sonic the Hedgehog remixes, covers, and themes from throughout Sonic’s amazing series! An international cast of remixers and musicians makes Spindash 3 our largest remix album yet. The diverse collection of styles and genres are sure to have something for every Sonic fan. Enjoy Spindash 3!/p>

Spindash 2

Spindash 2 is available now!

Spindash 2 is Sonic The Hedgehog remix album directed by Dj CUTMAN and Mustin. Sixteen producers from around the world come together over their love for a blue hedgehog and his friends, the games, and the music. Grab a copy today!