Mykah – Shinra EP

Mykah has been with GameChops since the very beginning. A prolific UK dance music producer, Mykah specializes in electro, house, trance, and drum n bass. Shinra EP is a four-track tribute to Final Fantasy VII, putting a new spin on this classic video game music. All four tracks are experienced early on in the game and serve as the musical theme for conflict and battle in the game. The Shinra corporation has been extracting Mako energy from the planet and building a super weapon called Jenova, an evil our heroes are Fighting against from the onset of the story. Relive the classic environment conflict of Final Fantasy VII with Mykah’s Shinra EP, mastered by Dj CUTMAN.

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Mykah | BASStion

Spending months in the studio, studying and tweaking, Mykah builds off his original Scumbag Alley remix to create this Bastion-inspired collection of remixes. With artwork, mixing, and mastering all complete by Mykah himself, this is his hardest-hitting project yet.

“Bastion is one of the best indie games I have played in recent years and the unique narration provided by Logan Cunningham and sublime soundtrack by Darren Korb were just begging to be combined in a remix album. I set out to create new versions of the tracks I could use in my DJ sets and create a new twist on the originals for fans of electronic music and videogames everywhere.” – Mykah

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Mykah | Triple Triad

Triple Triad marks Mykah’s third release with GameChops. Originally signing his contribution to The Triforce of Bass, Mykah went on produce the hard-hitting Kirby’s Bassface EP. Triple Triad is Mykah’s first full-length remix album, and the breadth of his EDM experience and love of game music shines brighter than ever.

Triple Triad takes inspiration from three classic games in the Final Fantasy series, VI, VII, and VIII.

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Mykah | Kirby’s Bassface

Kirby’s Bassface is a five track EP exploring music from the Kirby series in Mykah’s high energy, drum and bass style. Source material stems from the earlier games, themes from Kirby’s Dreamland for NES and Kirby’s Super Star for SNES make up the album. Originally composed by Jun Ishikawa for Nintendo, Mykah has made these tunes all his own.

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Spindash 3

Spindash 3 is here ~ Twenty new Sonic the Hedgehog remixes, covers, and themes from throughout Sonic’s amazing series! An international cast of remixers and musicians makes Spindash 3 our largest remix album yet. The diverse collection of styles and genres are sure to have something for every Sonic fan. Enjoy Spindash 3! Grab a copy here!

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Splatunes 2

We’re pleased to announce Splatunes 2! This is a free compilation of remixes of Nintendo’s amazing Splatoon series. Included are tracks from Splatoons 2, the Octo Expansion, and the original Splatoon game. The features 20 Splatoon remixes, from new material to exclusive remasters from producers like CG5, RobKTA, Tokyo Elvis, Ralfington and yours truly. If you’re a squid or a kid (or an octoling) Splatunes 2 will be full of tracks you can enjoy and download for free!

All songs clear for streaming on Twitch, just give credit to GameChops or show the title on-screen.

Splatunes 2 is available worldwide on Bandcamp.

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